All The Letters Never Sent

from by Caela Butt

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the first time we ever met was on that cramped up greyhound bus
from pictou to PEI, you came up and you said hi
it was your first time in the maritimes, and my first time to PEI
later that night in charlottetown was my first punk show in a house
my first time beggin for a couch
my first glimpse of a way out of these shackles that i'd bound
around and around myself

through all these first times, there have been some hard times
waiting 3 days for a train, gettin stranded at the border in blaine
pneumonia on the road, wounded hearts, and brutal sun stroke
but all the times that i had doubts you showed me anything was possible
you taught me to stand by what i believe
and if they can do it then so can we
taught me to follow my curiosity

my first time stickin my thumb out
my first time inside lookin out the window of a rusty old pickup's bed
my first time sleepin in a park
my first time scroungin in a dark, dank dumpster to find a meal
my first manhunt game in portland
scaling buildings and sneakin around
was the first time i saw every city as one big playground
the first time i crossed a country to try to see my favourite band
the first time i crossed a country just to see a friend

through all these first times, i've been broke most of the time
hear my stomach groan, i begged my parents for a loan
lived off the kindness of strangers and the skin of our teeth
other people's trash and wild blackberries
but all the times that we were broke as fuck you always found a way
to keep our stomachs fed and our habits met
and i think of you each day
that i learn to survive with what i've got
'cause i know i can survive with what i've got

the first time i drank 4loco was on top of a mountain
we had climbed and climbed all day
it was the first time i felt capable, the first time i felt brave
with adventure in my heart, malt liquor coursing through my veins
the first time we rode a train we got stuck in the cascades
riding a grainer in the rain, my fear of tunnels born again
i just wanted to put my feet on solid ground again
i don't think i've ever felt the same about this notion we call home

through all these first times, i've been scared a few times
creepy psychopaths in cars, gunshots and growls in the dark
getting lost in big cities and wilderness that's miles deep
i lost my soul the road can keep it
there's a little bit of it in me too

but all the times that i was frightened you taught me to persevere
and i don't know if you knew it but your friendship eased my fear
i might not see you that much, but i love you, dear
and you'll always be a friend of mine

so whenever you get sad
think of all the adventures that we've had, we've had together
and when you feel useless, when you feel low
know that you've changed someones life for the better
and whenever i get sad i'll hum this tune and think of you
and know that i can make it through
i hope we both make it through
i hope we all make it through


from Lost For Days, released May 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Caela Butt Toronto, Ontario

Caela Butt is a sappy and optimistic folk musician from Toronto, Ontario. They sing songs about best friends, traveling, nature and heartstrings. They spend equally large chunks of time traveling around the country and getting cozy and fostering community in their hometown and these contrasting experiences continuously shape their music. ... more

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